Battle Royale

Last man standing wins.

The DayZ Standalone BR Mod

DayZBR was the first total overhaul mod for DayZ, and the first BR experience for PC gamers. Initial development began in 2018 with the release of modding for DayZ Standalone. Since then, DayZBR has expanded to become the first DayZ Mod to implement matchmaking, and is one of the few mods available that implements a completely new game mode to DayZ.

The goal of DayZBR is to bring a raw and gritty BattleRoyale experience to DayZ. Maintaining the survival aspects of the game, while providing a set end goal for players. With this in mind, core aspects of DayZ remain. Zombies are still a threat, food and water may become a concern later in the match if not tended too.

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NFTs For DayZ

DayZBR aims to be the first DayZ mod to implement Ethereum-based NFTs for weapon skins. Skins will be purchasable as NFTs via a decentralized smart contract. Once purchased, players can link their Ethereum account to their player profile. This will enable the use of weapon and T-shirt skins in-game.

Unsure what NFTs are? Don't worry! They're a new form of digital asset. You can learn more about the world of NFTs here.